How Much Does a Wedding at a Mexican Hacienda Cost?

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One of the things that brides stress the most about, is to know what things should they take into account when organizing a wedding and how much should everything cost. Find out which are the main aspects you need to keep in mind in order to have a successful wedding, as well as the fair prices you should pay for them.

In this article we give you an estimate in the costs that we have at our own site, the Hacienda la Quinta en Casa Sauza at Tequila, Jalisco so you can compare prices. It will also give you a clue in terms of knowing which aspects you should keep in mind in order to make of your wedding the best experience ever!

Hacienda wedding packages

The price of a wedding package, including taxes and services, is approximately $1,000 pesos per person. With these packages, you will already have hired most of the things that should be on your wedding's checklist, since it includes:

  • The rent of an hacienda that dates from 1836, a memorable site without a doubt
  • The banquet
  • Casa Sauza tequilas
  • Corkage service
  • Furniture
  • Glassware
  • Tableware
  • Basic table centerpiece

It is always very convenient to go for packages that include all of the above, since gathering each of them separately may complicate the logistics of the event and probably raise its costs.

The extras that you might want to add could also be included in your final budget. These extras could be: decoration, drinks, extra furniture and music.

Corkage service politics

At Quinta Sauza, if you want more variety and quantity of tequila, it must be from our own tequila yet, not only we have high quality and great tasting tequilas, but we also provide great prices for you, something to keep in mind if you want to help your event's budget stay low. When asking for information, you should always ask about each place's beverages and corkage policies. With us, you can supplement our tequila with other beverages that you bring from somewhere else. Corkage is included in our package.


wedding at an hacienda


How to make an estimate of the drinks in a wedding?

The amount of money you'll spend on this service will depend on the quantity and variety of the drinks. For example, for a 100 people event, you may serve red wine with the dinner, one that is good yet affordable. This wine might be $100 to $200 pesos a bottle. Each bottle serves 8 glasses, which means that with $2,225 pesos you can add red wine to the dinner, estimating 1 glass and a half per person and that some people don't drink wine or maybe one glass only.

Furniture and luxury linens for a wedding

Although it is not very necessary to increase this expense since in our package we already give you several options based on your taste, you can still consider spending a little extra to rent different tables, ones that do not raise the table linen a lot. This will give a better view to the whole assembly. For example, there are these wooden tables that you can rent for around $ 700 to $ 1,500 pesos, depending on the model and the supplier. In a 150 people wedding, if you rent 4 of these wooden tables, you will give an elegant variation to the event with only an extra $4,000 pesos investment. If you also want to change the chairs, the rent of each chair -based on the model and color- can cost between $ 45 and $ 100 pesos each.


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Music band or DJ for your wedding

One of the most important assets of the party, since it's what will set the mood that you always imagined for your special day is, without a doubt, a good quality DJ. This service can cost around $15,000 pesos for a 5 hour event. After that time, it is up to you to hire some extra hours. If the DJ is a well-known one, these extra hours and service might go up to $80,000 pesos. On the oter hand, is you choose a live music band, you might spend around $50,000 to $120,000 pesos.


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Ice breaking event for your wedding

If you have guests that arrive a day before the wedding, you can always surprise them with a welcoming tour and a meal. This service starts at $400 pesos per person, for an event of at least 40 guests. Or you can organize this same event for you closest relatives or maybe even as a few guest's civil marriage. (In Mexico, couples usually do both marriages, civil and religious).

Basket of amenities for your wedding

A little detail that guests always appreciate is having a basket with the necessary accessories for the women's bathroom. It usually includes hairspray, bob pins, a sewing box, a comb or brush, women's pads, spray deodorant, band-aids (essential!), aspirin and Alka Seltzer salt. These can be bought beforehand, little by little.


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Additional lighting for your wedding

This is one of the options that you should definitely think about. We already include much of this in our packages, but you can always complement it all with additional lights, such as architectural lighting or candles. You can spend from $ 8,000 pesos to about $ 30,000 pesos, depending on how much lighting you would like to include.


Beautiful colorful lanterns on hacienda wedding

I hope that all these ideas I've given you become a good guide for you, both as to know how much would a wedding at an Hacienda cost, as well as to know which things you should keep in mind for your wedding -and that are definitely worth investing on!

If you still need more reasons to choose Casa Sauza for your wedding... come and see this beautiful site for yourself so you fall in love with it, I'll be happy to show it to you!

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