Getting Married During Covid Times

por Irma García Irma García | Jan 19, 2022 8:07:19 AM

This time I want to write about something that we all care about. Due to COVID-19, we've been forced to find solutions to look after health and well-being of our clients and collaborators. This is why we first rearranged wedding dates with the bride and groom yet, what comes next?

We know that it'll take some time for things to go back to normal again and that we'll have to look for alternatives to coexist with this virus, which is why we're already getting ready and preparing ourselves to take the next step: being able to carry out our events once we are allowed by the authorities to do so.


Do you know which are some of the recommendations and outlines that we'll follow in order to protect you, your friends and family as much as possible, as well as the staff that will be working with us during the event?

getting married during covid
  • First of all, the venue must be completely sanitized: common areas, hallways, restrooms, basically all the places that your guests and our staff will be using.
  • Upon the arrival of staff and guests, their temperature will be taken using a digital thermometer and they will be offered hand sanitizing gel so they apply it before entering the wedding.
  • All guests must wear face masks (except during meal times). Meanwhile, our staff will wear gloves, face masks and face shields.
  • Our suggestion is to count with 3 dance floors: one for the bride and groom and 2 for the guests. This is how guests will be able to split into 2 groups and keep a healthy distance between them. No dancing in groups will be allowed, dancing will be limited to couples only.
weddings during covid


getting married during pandemic
  • Tables won't have room for more than 6 people so there can be enough distance between guests.
  • The minimum distance that must be kept between tables is of 1.5 meters (around 5 ft).
  • No tablecloth napkins are allowed so we'll be providing disposable paper napkins.

Adapting Ourselves so The Fun Goes On!

Even by following the event's rules, you can all still have a lot of fun:

bride face mask
  • You can offer your guests customized mouth masks at the church entrance or at the venue's.
customized hand sanitizer
  • You can also place customized miniature sanitizing gel at the tables instead of almonds, chocolates or any other gift that you would regularly offer.
  • Since the event provider must offer sanitizing gel at specific key points of the venue, you might not want to give sanitizing gel to your guests... another option would be to give them customized sanitizing wipes.
  • You can also put together a welcome kit with both face masks and sanitizing gels.

Let Things Flow...

Make the most out of this lockdown and let your imagination run wild finding ways to make all the health supplies match the rest of the decoration.

cake figure decoration
getting married during covid pandemic

Remember that keeping a positive attitude makes all the difference during difficult times. Attract all the good vibes from the universe so that everything goes your way. Spirits up!

Casa Sauza is waiting for the government's authorization in order to keep carrying out its regular events. We'll be very happy to have you here as soon as we're able to!

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