Emergency Kit for the Bride

por Irma García Irma García | Jan 15, 2022 9:26:05 AM

I am glad you're reading my blog posts, I hope you find this article to be useful. This time, I want to talk about a very important topic: the Emergency Kit for the Bride.

Be prepared for the unexpected

You will sometimes need to have some items on hand, maybe you'll need to:

  • Freshen yourself up a little,
  • Touch your hairstyle up,
  • Give your makeup a touch-up,
  • Make slight adjustments to your dress,
  • or even have some pain killers/ medicine at hand!

You must be prepared and keep certain remedies close, so that no unforeseen event (as tiny as it may be) affects your big day!

It's very important to not confuse this Emergency Kit for the Bride with the Wedding Bathroom Basket that you'll have for your guests. Have your own kit since it may happen that the bathroom's kit runs out of what you need, right when you need it most.

On your wedding day, you must look beautiful and fresh from beginning to end, same for your whole outfit/look.

When to keep your kit at hand

You should keep this Emergency Kit at hand specially:

  • After your photo shoot
  • After the ceremony
  • Before entering the reception
  • Before the first dance
  • During the reception

Which is why I recommend having your bridesmaid or a close relative to bring it so you know it'll be available for you at all times.

Items it should include

Here's a list of the items I recommend this kit to include. Most of them can be brought in their miniature version so they don't take up a lot of space and you avoid carrying a large bag. The idea is to bring something small and practical.

Emergency Kit for the Bride

If you are wondering why should you bring some of these items, here are my reasons, based on my experience as a wedding planner. You can definitely adapt this list to your own needs.

  • You only need the most basic items to give your makeup a quick touch up, basically, your lips and skin (shine control powder).
  • Sometimes, your hairdo may loosen up a little so it's always helpful to bring hair pins, spray and a comb along. Those things that will help you make little adjustments so you keep looking spectacular!
  • First aid- Maybe you were so nervous the day before, that you couldn't sleep or eat well... maybe something you eat at the wedding makes you feel sick. You must look amazing on your wedding day and it's always better to bring these items and not need them, than to not have them at hand at all.
  • Sewing kit- A must! There are small versions that can work well for you. Sometimes, the tail of your dress needs to be pinned for the dance, others, the button that's supposed to hold it can't take the tail's weight so you'll need some stitches or strong safety pins to hold it. You must feel free to enjoy your day!
  • If the destination or season of your event is very warm, you'll need a couple of things to freshen yourself up. Bring your perfume in a small container and a deodorant that won't stain your dress. Since brushing your teeth might be difficult, you can bring a small mouthwash or mints to freshen your breath.
  • Some extra items might help, bring them along just in case. For example, a stain remover pen comes in handy whenever someone stains your dress with makeup or lipstick. If your dress has lots of buttons, a knitting hook will help you button any loose ones without getting your dress ruined (colored / press-on nails may damage the dress when trying to button them back.)

If you think some items of this list won't be necessary for you, then don't bring them. On the other hand, if there's something that you know you'll need based on your personality, the specific needs of the venue, or the season, do not hesitate adding them to the list.

I'll share more ideas with you on my next blog post to help you make of your wedding day, a total success!

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