"Día de Muertos" and Tequila: A Celebration of Life and Tradition

por Sauza Team | Nov 13, 2023 11:23:38 AM

The Day of the Dead celebrated on November 1 and 2, is a long-established holiday from the ancient pre-Hispanic cultures of Mexico. It is an occasion to honor and remember our departed loved ones. These days, the streets have colors, aromas, and flavors, and tequila stands out as one of the main protagonists of this celebration.

The altars of the deceased have marigold flowers, candles, photographs, incense, and various foods and beverages liked by those who have departed. It is at this moment that tequila acquires a unique value. This drink, obtained from the distillation of agave, has a deep meaning in Mexican culture, representing both the national spirit and the strength of the soul.

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Sauza was present at the Day of the Dead.

Tequila goes far beyond being a simple beverage in Mexico. It is a living testimony to entire generations' history, work, and passion. Each drop tells a story of perseverance, from the jimador who harvests the agave under the inclement sun to the master tequila maker who distills the liquid to obtain this spiritual drink. During the Day of the Dead, Tequila becomes a bridge between the world of the living and the world of the dead, providing a moment of reflection, celebration, and remembrance. 

It is not unusual to find a bottle of Sauza tequila on the altars of the dead. At some altars, the deceased's loved ones place a bottle of tequila on the altar. Whether it is Hornitos© or Tres Generaciones©, Sauza tequilas have been in the taste of generations of Mexicans since 1873. At that time, the drink was called Vino Mezcal. Still, thanks to Don Cenobio Sauza, who named it Tequila after the town where his distillery, La Perseverancia, was located, the drink is known today as Tequila.

When tasting tequila, it is tradition to toast with a "To those who are absent" during this holiday. It is a way to evoke those who are no longer physically present but remain alive in our memories and hearts. With each sip, the stories and anecdotes of our loved ones resurface, flooding the atmosphere with nostalgia and affection.

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Internationally recognized Day of the Dead

In addition to being an essential accompaniment to the Day of the Dead festivities, tequila stands out for its distinguished flavor and international recognition. As foreign visitors discover this beverage's depths and link to the celebration, their amazement and fascination become present. Tequila is an emblematic drink and an ambassador of Mexican culture worldwide.

That is why discovering tequila during the Day of the Dead festivities encourages marveling at its flavor and connection with the celebration. It is to realize that tequila is not an iconic drink but a true cultural treasure. Through it, one can understand the importance of honoring departed loved ones and how Mexican culture embraces death as part of life.

The Day of the Dead and tequila are inseparable.

The Day of the Dead festivities remind us that death is not the end but a passage to something new. Just as the agave transforms into tequila, souls also undergo a metamorphosis when crossing to the other side, and the analogy can used in tequila as a spirit.

In short, the Day of the Dead and tequila are two inseparable elements of Mexican culture. Both symbolize the duality between life and death, remembrance and celebration. In Mexico, death is not an end. Still, as a continuation, tequila becomes the perfect companion to toast in honor of those who are no longer physically present but who will always be present in our spirit.

So, remember the rich tradition and meaning behind each drink and toast in honor of life, death, and everything in between this holiday season.

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