September the 16th, Time to Celebrate Mexico's Independence Day

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Mexico's independence day

Mexicans and Parties

We all know that Mexicans love to party, or as we call it, have a fiesta. Any excuse will do! Our cousin is moving to live abroad? Fiesta. He's back? Fiesta. The family's old spinster is getting married? Fiesta. Our niece finished her studies? Fiesta. Is it Friday? Fiesta. Is it Wednesday? Fiesta. In other words, we have more than enough excuses to celebrate with our families and friends.

Yet there is one special fiesta that we all Mexicans -end even partying foreigners as well!- celebrate at once, a night in which all of us who were born in this beautiful land gather to celebrate with national pride; one night a year in which we all Mexicans share the same partying excuse to celebrate: the night of the celebration of the beginning of the Independence of Mexico, September the 15th-16th.

A Little Bit of Mexican History

And boy do we have reasons to celebrate! During that night we commemorate the beginning of a war that lasted 11 years (1810-1821) and that ended favorably for us, Mexicans, since, thanks to it, we finally became independent from the ruling of the Spaniards.

In other words, with this war that began on September the 16th, we Mexicans recovered our sovereignty, that is, we took the reins of our country in our own hands. Doesn't this deserve having a commemorative party year, after year, after year ...? Of course it does!

We carry Mexico in our Souls

And it's just that we, Mexicans, belong to our country no matter how far we go. We can live abroad, travel to other countries, visit new places, yet we always bring Mexico in our souls. It can't be taken away from us, no matter how much we travel. As the Mexican song says :

"México lindo y querido, si muero lejos de ti, que digan que estoy dormido, y que me traigan aquí"*

(*Beautiful and beloved Mexico, if I die away from you, have people say that I'm only asleep, so I'm brought back to this land)

We always come back to our land where we finally feel at home. To us, there's nothing like:

  • how to celebrate mexican independenceOur very own sense of humor
  • Our food
  • Our music (Mexicans who read the lyrics above were probably singing the song)
  • Our landscapes
  • Our proofs of solidarity (Just think about the last earthquake that took place in Mexico city... we all gathered to help!)

In short, there's nothing like our Mexico to us.


One Big Mexico

We inhabit a vast and rich territory, with many varied regions and thanks to it, with climates for all tastes (deserts, beaches, jungles ...); different kinds of food, landscapes and people -yet in the end, Mexicans all of us. We've been hit by crisis, by bad governments, by countless problems and yet, we never give up, we keep trying to do our best every day.

We are big in territory but also in our projects. This is what we celebrate:

  • We never give up
  • We look forward
  • We have reasons and resources to be an even better country
  • That although we know that becoming independent was indeed a very important first step (and worthy of being celebrated!) we know that the work we need to carry out in order to keep improving the great community of people that we are, as different as we all are, never ends.

Ever since our independence and until these days, we fight so that well-being reaches all of us who inhabit and share this land so dear to us, a land we never forget, no matter how far we are.

Mexicans thanks to our Independence

Thanks to our independence, we were able to start building our Mexican identity, to value our own Mexican traditions and priorities before the foreign ones that were imposed on us.

We are a country that began to recognize itself as such thanks to that battle that started that September the 16th, which ended when we were finally granted the greatest gift, to become a sovereign nation. It was thanks to this independence war that we could begin to build ourselves as Mexicans, to think and work on our project as a nation.

Celebrating our Independence

So .. Do we have enough reasons to celebrate this day? Well, of course we do! We have all the excuses that we need to organize a Mexican pachanga (party), to come together and celebrate that great day, our national holiday par excellence.

celebrate mexico's independence

As Mexicans, we know that there's no fiesta without a tequila, let alone during such a Mexican event. What a better way to spend this holiday that being at the land that gave birth to this ancestral spirit? Come to Tequila, Jalisco and celebrate with us, at Sauza, such an important Mexican event.

We also recommend that you keep reading the blogs that we will be especially posting for this Mexican occasion.

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You can also download our Free Guide to Organize your Mexican Independence Party.

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