Celebrating the Day of the Dead in Jalisco

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Mexico is increasingly known worldwide for the celebration of the Day of the Dead. This is a special date for Mexicans since we remember with joy -and a certain longing, of course- all those people who were in our lives and that we now miss.

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The Day of the Dead is for Mexicans, an opportunity to pay tribute to our ancestors, the occasion to celebrate that, although they are no longer present in our lives as they were before, they are still present in our minds and hearts. We Mexicans take every November 2nd as an opportunity to tell those who we loved so much, and that have already left us, "we don't forget you, you're still with us".

This is why it's a celebration to us; we sort of mock dead by keeping our loved ones alive in our memory and in our heart.

How is the Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico?

This celebration dates from pre-Hispanic times but, with the arrival of the Spaniards, the indigenous traditions were adapted to the Christian celebration of the "Fieles Difuntos" (the faithful deceased).

Today, we celebrate it in several ways:

  1. Altar dedicated to the dead ones (Altar de muertos)
  2. Visiting cemeteries bringing offerings and flowers
  3. Preparing food and drinks for the occasion
  4. Calaveras literarias (Sort of poems that mock people using death as an image)
  5. Parades with people dressed and skeletons or catrinas (female skeleton with gown and hat)

The day of the dead is celebrated in Mexico from East to West, from North to South. Here are some of the events that have been held in the past, per state:

  • Aguascalientes - Festival de las Calaveras
  • Campeche- Mayan rituals
  • Mexico City, Ciudad de México- Catrinas Parade
  • Guanajuato- La Calaca Festival
  • Michoacán- Pátzcuaro Cemetery, all set up with altars
  • Morelos- Miquixtli Festival
  • Oaxaca- A contest of altars
  • San Luis Potosí- Xantolo at the Huasteca
  • Sinaloa- Umbral al Mictlán celebration
  • Yucatán- Paseo de las Ánimas
  • Zacatecas- Parade of the day of the dead

What about Jalisco, cradle of Mexicanity?

Jalisco is known for being the cradle of everything that better represents Mexico worldwide: tequila, mariachi, charros... and it, of course, won't be left behind with this celebration.

Several events and celebrations are held in each of the regions of Jalisco. We here share with you some of the events that have been held in Guadalajara -Jalisco main city- and its surroundings.


  • Calaverandia
  • Altar de Muertos at the Museo de las Artes Populares en Jalisco
  • Altar de Muertos at the Instituto Cultural Cabañas
  • Guided tours at the Panteón de Belén (cemetery)
  • Night guided tours that start at the Palacio Municipal (head of the government building)


  • Pan de muerto and chocolate tasting outside the Museo de Arte Zapopan
  • Catrinas parade and flash mob at Plaza Andares

Guachimontones, Teuchitlán

  • Contest of pre-hispanic tombs and altars

El Salto

  • Pre-hispanic dances at Plaza Juárez

Puerto Vallarta

  • Festival Cultural that offers daily activities from October the 29th to November


  • Altar de Muertos and Catrinas Contest at Centro Cultural El Refugio
  • Offerings to the dead at the Panteón Municipal (cemetery)
  • Short film screening at El Refugio


  • Catrinas and Altar de Muertos exhibit at Plaza Cihualpilli
  • Calaveras Literarias contest at Benjamín García Galván Library


  • Night tours of myths and legends, starting at Palacio Municipal (head of government building)
  • Catrinas contest
  • Exhibition of vintage-old pictures and altares de muertos
  • Day of the Dead Celebration at Quinta Sauza

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