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We talked to MBA Emmanuel Lamadrid Preciado, current President of the International Association of Exhibitions and Events Mexico Chapter, who shares the importance of certifications for the business industry with us:

What does the IAEE Certified in Exhibition Management designation represent for the business tourism/industry?

The Certified in Exhibition Management designation was created in 1975 and its main objective is to standardize the professional knowledge of this industry in order to uniform the best practices in events organization. It guarantees that the person has enough knowledge to carry out all the regulations required when organizing an event; aspects such as security, exhibition marketing, logistics, nomenclatures and denominations. There are more than 2000 certifications worldwide. Business tourism or industry is relatively new. It is not like architecture or medicine, which are sciences... or ancient arts or practices, so to speak. What's most complicated is to name one thing the same way worldwide, or to have a practice done the same way all over the world.

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What is the IAEE history?

The International Association of Exhibition and Events was founded in the United States of America in 1928. It currently counts with more than 10,000 professionals of its industry and is present in more than 50 countries.

To whom is the Business Tourism Certification addressed?

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To those who want to acquire the industry's universal language and practices, for instance:

  • How long should a venue's hallway be?
  • Which security aspects must be considered when planning an event?
  • How are the different kinds of exhibition stands called?

Just to mention some of the main concepts to standardize.

We aim to speak the same language referring the industry and to get all the actors involved. For example, event planners require to have all the information they need in order to stage, manage and plan an event, regardless of the industry sector it is organized for. A venue, on the other hand, would learn how to carry out an event properly, as well as how to offer the best practices and regulations to the visitors that are attending the event.

How does the certification works in Mexico?

As president of IAEA (International Association of Exhibitions and Events), Mexico Chapter, I guarantee that the certification we offer is of international recognition and validity. Every event requires a methodology and, with this certification, all of the industry's terminology and slang will be understood.

It would be very interesting if providers and stakeholders were also certified so they can better understand the client's and the venue's needs. By doing so, everyone would be on the same page on regarding the industry's best practices.

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What do I need in order to get certified?

The requirements are very simple. Candidates must have at least three years of full-time experience in the exhibitions and events industry and have taken the 9 module courses, each of which has a corresponding final examination and don't have to follow any sequence.

Each module is one day long and you can take it either virtually or on-site. Virtual option refers to sessions given in the USA while the on-site option is usually better nourished since the candidates coincide face-to-face with industry leaders from which they learn a lot, which is largely the real learning of the CEM.


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