Rafael Ramos

Líder de Operaciones y Logística del Centro de visitantes.

Tequila's Best Guided Tours: Casa Sauza's Tours.

At Casa Sauza, we not only make the best Tequila in the world, but we also have the BEST TOURS OF TEQUILA, Jalisco. They depart from our visitor center La Quinta Sauza, an Hacienda that dates back to 1836 and the site from where our tours, which are positioned as best of this Mexican destination, start.

Mariachi and Charrería, Mexico's Fiesta and Tradition

Mexico is, in the eyes of the world, mythological. A country full of natural wealth and traditions,...

Where to spend the Mexican Independence Day this 2018?

Mexican Night at Casa Sauza on 2017 I, Rafael Ramos, am responsible of organizing this event along...