"Yucatán" Tres Generaciones® Añejo Tequila Cocktail

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Yucatan tequila-based cocktail

A daring cocktail that makes reference to the flavors of Merida, Yucatan. It has those citrus notes and flavors of wood that only the Tres Generaciones® Añejo tequila can give. What makes this cocktail special is the mixture of our tequila and Xtabentún liqueur, a drink from Yucatán.

Preparation time: 8 minutes

Serves 1 person


Tres generaciones Anejo


  • 1 Cinnamon stick
  • 3 Sage petals


Blend all the ingredients together for 7 seconds, try not to blend the ice cubes completely, just a little crushed.


Garnish with a cinnamon stick placed at the middle of the cocktail and with sage petals (finely cut into strips).

We recommend serving it in an old fashioned glass, as a digestive.


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