Tequila: Designation of origin.

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tequila denomination of origin

In recent months, we have heard about the high demand of agave that there is, and it is only normal to wonder how a plant so noble in its planting and cultivation may be scarce for the production of Tequila. This has to do with the Tequila Designation of Origin.

Although there are several varieties of agave, the only species admitted by NOM-006-SCFI-2012 (which makes reference to the Tequila designation of origin) is the Tequilana Weber Agave, Blue Variety, cultivated within the territory of declaration of the same.

The general declaration of the Tequila Designation of Origin was published in the Mexican Federation Official Gazette on December 9th, 1974 yet, it has had some modifications and additions done to date. This declaration establishes the "Tequila" ownership that corresponds to the Mexican State.

According to the Article 156 of the Industrial Property Law, the Designation of Origin is the geographical region of a country to which a "product of origin" is designated, since the product's exclusive characteristics are obtained from its specific geographic environment.

Factors to determine a Designation of Origin

  1. Weather: Luminous intensity, hours/light, rainfall, temperature, relative humidity.
  2. Soil: Chemistry and texture of the soil.
  3. Botanical Species: In this case, the Tequilana Weber Agave, Blue Variety.
  4. Human Conditions: Activities related to the supply of the agave, as well as production, aging and packaging of the drink.

Which States of the Mexican Republic have this Designation of Origin?

  • All the territory of the State of Jalisco
  • 30 Municipalities of the State of Michoacán
  • 8 Municipalities of the State of Nayarit
  • 11 Municipalities of the State of Tamaulipas
  • 7 Municipalities of the State of Guanajuato

International Protection of Tequila

The international protection of this spirit drink has been registered since 1978 before the World Industrial Protection Organization, as well as in records granted in 46 countries according to the information obtained from the Tequila Regulatory Council.

How can a consumer know if a Tequila is authentic?

Each tequila bottle must show a readable label with the following information:

  1. The word "Tequila" as well as the kind and category to which it belongs (Tequila, 100% Tequila, white, young, rested, vintage or extra-vintage)
  2. If any flavors were added to it, it must mention the name of this added flavors
  3. Net content expressed in liters or milliliters.
  4. Percentage of Alcohol Volume of 20°. Abbreviated as: %Alc.Vol.
  5. Name or business name of the authorized producer.
  6. Address of the authorized producer
  7. Name of the registered trademark
  8. It should read: Made in México, Mexican Product, Produced in México or similar.
  9. Official password, in accordance with NOM106SCFI, as well as the authorized provider registration number.
  10. Lot
  11. The precautionary legends established in the health legislation.
  12. Any other information required by other legal provisions applicable to alcoholic beverages.

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