Pairing Tequila with Pre-Hispanic Food

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Chef Jorge Orozco and Pre-Hispanic food. Casa Sauza

We had a conversation with Jorge Orozco, an international chef and ambassador of Mexican pre-Hispanic food. He shared with us how to combine tequila with pre-Hispanic food. Find out more about this kind of gastronomy and learn about pairing tequila with pre-Hispanic food by listening to an expert's advice on the matter.



Tequila and its pre-Hispanic origin

Tequila is a pre-Hispanic beverage that dates before Mexico was conquered. Our ancestors, such as Mayas, Toltecs and Aztecs, used to have this drink, without really knowing it would later be called tequila.

With tequila we now can prepare several dishes and we also pair it with food. By doing so, we remember and give value to our Mexican pre-Hispanic gastronomy.

Pre-Hispanic food


Grasshoppers are pre-Hispanic insects that come from Oaxaca, Mexico. It is one of this city's best-known dishes. They can be combined and used to prepare dishes with tortillas. They also go well in tacos or can even be prepared as chocolate/grasshoppers truffles. Each of this dishes can be paired with many of the different kinds of tequila we now have.

I strongly suggest you try them and pair these dishes with tequila.

grasshoppers and tequila

Maguey worm

We can prepare a Mexican taco with the maguey worm, just add some coriander and onion, along with a crushed salsa and you're done! Pairing it with one of Sauza's tequila and you have a meal that will rise international envy.

We are proud to say that we have a very important amount of gastronomical tourism here in Mexico. You can come and have quite a gestronomical experience here in Guadalajara or in Tequila, Jalisco. When in Tequila, you must visit Quinta Sauza (Casa Sauza's old manor house), it is a beautiful place and a treat for everyone!


Cocopache is an insect that provides a wooden flavor, it tastes like countryside. It is also a pre-Hispanic dish that can be prepared with tequila or paired with it. A rested tequila goes great with this dish.

I truly recommend you try Mexican gastronomy, which us, Mexicans, promote with national pride.


We have different kinds of scorpions here in México. Alacrán is one f them. It may be paired with a glass of white tequila, it is oerfect for this dish!


If you are into something a little more exotic, we have scorpions, which are delicious. Many people ask about their poison. Poison deactivates as soon as the insects dies, besides, we always remove the sting. Be not afraid of eating it,  it is a delicious meal when paired with a tequila!

I strongly suggest you come to Tequila, Jalisco and live a one-of-a-kind gastronomical experience.

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