How to make a pairing with tequila?

por Rafael Ramos Rafael Ramos | Jan 11, 2022 1:55:27 PM


Tequila is one of the trendiest drinks. Precisely for this reason, there are many people who are being encouraged to make pairings with the different types of tequila that exist today. But how to pair tequila correctly, what should be taken into account and what are the steps to follow to do it correctly?

Here’s how to pair tequila correctly to surprise all your guests at home. Once they try, they’ll come back for more!

How to pair tequila correctly?

There are two different ways of pairing tequila. Both ways are correct, so you will have to decide which one best suits you and your tastes.

The first way to make a pairing with tequila is very simple. First you must take a sip of the drink, tequila in this case, and then you must take some of the food and chew it until it is completely swallowed. After this, a sip of the drink is taken again to wrap all the flavors in the palate and enjoy the mixture, whether it is pairing by affinity or by contrast.

The second way of pairing tequila is perhaps the least used. It involves drinking the tequila and eating the food at the same time, which means that you will taste the drink at the same time you are chewing the food. The flavors will blend and you will have the pairing you were looking for. Why is this way less used? Precisely it’s because not everyone likes to eat and drink at the same time.

Likewise, to capture all the aromas and flavors of the drink, it is important not to drink tequila in one gulp. It is essential to stop to taste correctly. If you want to do it perfectly, you should follow these steps:


  1. Look at the color of the tequila.
  2. Smell the tequila to notice the notes.
  3. Take a small sip of tequila to familiarize the taste buds with the alcohol content. Keep in mind that, after the first sip, the mouth prepares to receive a higher dose of the drink, which means, the taste buds will be more familiarized to the flavor and will be able to work better to obtain all the flavors.
  4. After the first sip of the drink, take a bite of the food and chew it well. It is important to keep it in the mouth for at least 10 seconds to be able to perceive all the flavors. In addition, it is recommended to take the food throughout the mouth so that it is well soaked with all the flavors.
  5. After the bite of food, you must take a new sip of tequila, this time longer to perceive all the notes correctly. It is essential to keep it in the mouth, as well as the food, for at least 10 seconds.
  6. After keeping it in your mouth, you will have to pass the tequila through the digestive tract. At that moment, the ideal is to exhale the air through the nose to obtain a retro nasal feeding in the mouth, that is to say, to notice all the flavors.chef karla en mesa con platillos e ingredientes

Once you have done this, you will be able to perceive on your palate the notes of both products, that is, the drink and the food, and you will be able to say that you have made a perfect pairing, either by affinity or by contrast.

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