Fun Facts About Tequila

por Rafael Ramos Rafael Ramos | Jan 12, 2022 9:36:57 AM

This is the last blog post of a series of 3 that we shared to answer the most frequently asked questions that our visitors and clients have.

tequila FAQ

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Here's this last blog post; hoping that this information will help you to know our drink better.

Do Tequila bottles have worms?

The truth is, it's not common to see a worm in tequila; it's instead a mezcal thing. There's this mezcal, Mezcal del Gusano, one of those that my uncles used to drink back in the days... it had a worm in the bottle, but it's more a matter of marketing than a matter of having anything to do with the taste or quality of the product. It's a tradition that was set under this marketing strategy. It's said that the last person to drink or pour the last drink from the bottle had to eat that worm; otherwise, he'd have bad luck. But it's a marketing strategy to make this worm thing popular. As far as I know, there's no tequila with a worm, and it's rather the mezcal that has it.

How and when do we drink tequila?

You choose the moment. It may be when I'm with my friends, but for you, it may be when you get home after work; you drink your tequila to relax. Each person decides the moment according to what each one likes. Some people are social drinkers; some like to drink it at home, alone.

Tequila pairing with food.

People think a food pairing is made only with table wine, but that's not entirely true; it can also be made with tequila!

Usually, pairings are done:

  • By affinity- Food matches the notes of tequila
  • By contrast- They have opposite flavors but in a way that they both are pleasant to the palate

And the one that's usually done is the one by affinity.

In a three-course meal, we are talking about something like this:

  • White tequila usually goes with the first-course meal; a salad, a cream, something fresh.
  • Rested or reposado, due to its organoleptic characteristics, that is, its aromas, and its taste, is usually served with the main course. A beef cut is recommended, red meat, since this tequila tends to have spicy notes.
  • And the aged or añejo, due to its sweet notes of vanilla, of chocolate, is usually served with dessert, especially with a dark chocolate dessert.

Favorite cocktails of Rafa, the author

  1. Cantarito, because it's fresh
  2. Rufino Cacao, served at La Cueva de Don Cenobio
  3. Cabroncillo, tequila with coffee, as a digestive

We here share some cocktail recipes with you.

Responsible Intake of Alcohol

It's part of our company pillars. Since our product is an alcoholic beverage, we face our responsibilities towards society. We need to contribute a little bit to society. We do not participate, for example, in sports events as a brand since this activity shouldn't go hand in hand with alcohol. Although we produce the drink, we do our part regarding society with programs of responsible intake so that our tequilas are drunk responsibly.

Enjoy the drink; that's what tequila is for! To enjoy it, to spend a good time with friends, with family. Cheers!

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