Which Tequila Should I Give as a Present or Bring to an Event?

por Victor Manuel Martínez Victor Manuel Martínez | Jan 13, 2022 10:47:51 AM

We sometimes get involved in situations that require giving presents or sometimes just want to arrive to an event bringing something along. There are situations that are worth giving a bottle of tequila and there is no better way to explain what kind of tequila it could be, or how to guess the tastes of people, than with this blog post.


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Let's start by realizing that people have different tastes and that although we might be passionate about something, someone else might not be as passionate as we are about it. This is why I here share data with you so you can make a better informed choice.

Getting to Know a Little About the Tequila Industry

During the first quarter of 2019, the global consumption of tequila was of 82 million liters, which leads us to think that it's a rising trend and one of the fastest globally growing drinks so of course, if you pretend give a good gift, a bottle of tequila would be a great option.

I addition, from those 82 million of liters that are produced, half of them are for exportation (120 countries), which definitely shows that there will be no better gift for a foreigner than a good bottle of tequila.

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Now, if your event or gift is in Mexico, consider that it's one of the places that consumes this drink the most, since it sells around 34 million boxes per year.

Now that we've realized that giving a tequila is an excellent decision, we must go for what the market is focused on, which are the Premium or higher segments. So we have an even more complex task; choosing from among the 151 distilleries that exist.

Tequila Options by Gender and Age

  • If your event of gift is for the male segment (foreign, not Mexican) maybe you should consider a versatile and easy to consume tequila, such as Sauza Blue Silver or Sauza Conmemorativo.
  • If your situation focuses on a national (Mexican) segment, perhaps you should focus on a Hornitos Plata or a Sauza Commemorativo Reposado.
  • If you still want to be more specific, women in Mexico consume 100% Aged Tequilas and Cristal, while men drink more Whites and Aged Tequilas.
  • Age can play an important role because from 40 to 60 years old, people drink more of the premium kind, focusing specially on Aged, Vintage and Extra-Vintage Tequilas.

Tequila Options According to the Event

  • If the moment is worth of it, and it is a party or social event, you should first consider that people will have different tastes, so I recommend easy-consumption products such as an Hornitos Reposado (slightly colder than room temperature ). It's delicious, it's a perfect tequila for palomas, black charro and/or margaritas.
  • Now, if it's a small event and the group wants to appreciate the tequila flavor straight, I recommend a white Tres Generaciones while having a conversation and rejoicing with the flavors of the agave. On the other hand, if you want to offer an innovative product, one of a growing trend, I recommend Hornitos Black Barrel or Tres Generaciones Cristalino.

Tequila as a ritual: Mexican Bandera

We sometimes enjoy tequila in a way that's almost ritual, the famous Bandera is one of those tequila-based drinks that every Mexican enjoys. A little shot of lime juice, another of white tequila and finally, a third one of Sangrita (a mixture of tomato juice, orange juice and condiments) will have you drinking tequila in a very Mexican way, playing with the flavors while intercalating each shot.

sauza silver hornitos

At Sauza's restaurant, La Cueva de Cenobio, we offer a "Sangrita de la casa". Come and live the gastronomic experience at the authentic hacienda of the Sauza family, La Quinta, built in 1836.

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As you can see, within international consumption, te consumption of tequila has been boosted in a positive way, and it's because this enigmatic and 100% Mexican drink has the history and legacy of a good whiskey, the romanticism of a good wine, with the versatility of vodka and the rum.

If you want to know more about our products, I recommend you take our "Casa Sauza tour Experience" where, with the help of experts, we will show you the history and the lineage of the Sauza brand, which has more than 145 years in the industry, always being pioneers, always being leaders.

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Enjoy Sauza's products in a responsible way, without falling into excessive drinking.


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