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  • Is your wedding happening during 2019-202? Would you like to know the latest trends for this season? I gladly share some new and fresh ideas with you:

    Ideas for 2020 Weddings

    Wooden and Vintage Decoration

    wedding trends 2010

    Wooden and vintage decoration will be slowly leaving during this new season but that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider having any of them at your wedding since you can still play with this concept by mixing it with new trends that would go well with it.

    Living Coral Color


    wedding trends 2010

    The color that prevailed in 2019 and that will undoubtedly continue for the next year, is the Living Coral color. It's a beautiful tone that gives your event a lot of life, but it's also true that you should try to use it in a neutral way in order to make the best out of it since, if you overdo the color, it might not look as well as you intended it to. Rose, Ivory, pearl and gold tones are great colors to combine it with; you can create a Pantone of very good taste!

    Marble-like Look

    Another trend that will be coming is the marble-like looks. Tables that have this look can even go without a tablecloth! It is without a doubt, a trend that adds elegance to an event. You can have fun and mix it with several alternatives of colors in the details. For instance, how about if you add some living coral details to a marble table, such as flowers or napkins? It also goes great with golden details.

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    wedding decoration ideas

    All-white Weddings

    One of the concepts that's still strong is white weddings. A white wedding has always been a very elegant option and this season is no exception to it. If your event is at the beach or at an open area, it'll look great since the combination of open landscapes and white is a perfect match, one that would make an unforgettable scenery for your event.

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    Mexican Wedding

    Mexican wedding

    How about a Mexican Wedding? They are never outdated specially, if you're having a destination wedding, like you would in Tequila. This trend is always available and without a doubt, it has many new details to offer regarding center pieces, furniture, general decoration, food and many other concepts that you can add to your event.

    mexican wedding ideas

    The amount of options that this theme can offer is amazing, you can go from choosing a few colors to a great variety of them! I must say this is one of my favorite trends.

    theme weddings

    Think of YOUR Dream Wedding

    I can tell you that wedding trends are undoubtedly designed by experts to create a new and spectacular concept for your event, but you don't necessarily have to do it their way. Ever since we were girls, we all had the wedding of our dreams in our minds and hearts so, the goal of a Wedding Planner, is to make that dream come true. That's our job! To plan that dream wedding for you and exceed your expectations. Your wedding is unique and it should fulfill each one of your wishes.

    We will be participating during September in the Latin American Wedding Congress in order to bring the latest trends and recommendations for your event. The best wedding planners and wedding services providers will be giving us advice. I suggest you keep reading all of our wedding blogs so you stay updated and plan your perfect and one-of-a-kind dream wedding!


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