Tequila, More Than a Drink, a Town, a Culture.

por Jessica Padilla Jessica Padilla | Jan 14, 2022 2:33:53 PM

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We had the chance to speak to Sonia Espinola, who shared information with us about the growth that the most recognized tequila producers of Tequila, Jalisco, boost in this Mexican Pueblo Mágico (Magical Town). Tequila offers a great Mexican drink to the world but, not only that, it has a lot to offer for tourism as well.

Sonia Espinola and Fundación José Cuervo in Tequila


My name is Sonia Espinola de la Llave. I work as the Director of Fundación José Cuervo. I have been in this beautiful Pueblo Mágico of Tequila for more than 20 years now.


Thanks to the Fundación José Cuervo, we have helped the community of Tequila to have a better level of life in several aspects: education, culture, socially, among others. We have also, of course, given our support in the training area. Why do we do it? Well, because, during this 20 years that the Fundación José Cuervo has been active, many interesting things have happened: Tequila has changed, from being only a tequila producing site, it is now a tourism destination as well.

A tourism destination where more than 22 companies are located, companies who want the economic growth of its population. We also want to boost employment growth. All of this demands a commitment: to help the community become a part of this very important touristic destination that is Tequila, Jalisco.

Social Tourism, Community Tourism

As a director of Fundación de José Cuervo, I suggest you come and do social tourism, community tourism. Why not? There are many artisans in this region. There are family micro-bussinesses. Wouldn’t it be interesting, for example, to do the Ruta del pan (Bread Route)? There are more than 22 bakeries where you can find freshly-baked bread. Why not visit the Ruta de las Tonelerías, where the wooden tequila barrels are made? These are things a tourist usually doesn’t get to see.

Why not follow a Gastronomic Route? Which is Tequila’s real own dish? Get to know it. So, Fundación José Cuervo, along with the Tequila town, we are giving support to this community tourism, making this social tourism become visible. We also help the community enjoy an economic benefit from it.

Sonia Espinola and Tequila

I have a Communications degree, a Masters in Business Administration and a Marketing Degree. During my free time, I am also a Tequila Master, which I really enjoy doing, since I get to share the tequila culture with others.

I am convinced that Tequila is much more than just a drink. Tequila is culture, gastronomy, music, tradition, history. And although I am not originally from Tequila, my heart does belong here, and it is an honor for me to be able to share this tradition and culture with everyone.

Tequila has it all. It is the heart of the Tequila Route, it one of Humanity’s Cultural Heritage for its agave fields, it is home to all the old Tequila Houses/Producers, where it all started. So it is very worthwhile to come and visit this beautiful town, one of Mexico’s Magical Towns: Tequila, Jalisco.

Impact that the Most Important Tequila Producers have in Tequila

During all these years, Casa Cuervo as well as Casa Sauza, and many other tequila producers, have been trying to support this beautiful town, where all the tequila producing started. It is a great commitment that we all tequila houses have: To keep helping the community become a part of this great touristic destination.

So we work and keep working on it, since we are part of this great community, to which we invite you to come and visit."

We thank Sonia Espinola from casa Cuervo for granting this interview to us and sharing this information. Casa Sauza is also a tequila company that is committed to Tequila, Jalisco, both environmentally, as well as touristically.

If you would like to come to Tequila and know more about this town, as well as os the tequila production processes, come and visit Tequila yourself! We are always happy to have visitors at our facilities.

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