Juan Rotzinger and CODIT's Projects for Tequila

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We had the chance to speak to Juan Rafael Rotzinger Naranjo, Technical Coordinator of the Consejo de Desarrollo integral de Tequila, CODIT (Council for the Comprehensive Development of Tequila).

He shared information with us about this council which, although is meant for the development of Tequila, Jalisco, will also become a project that will have a national impact. This is what he said:


"The Council for the Comprehensive Development of Tequila was born based on an agreement that the municipality of Tequila developed with the Inter-American Development Bank. The latter was interested in the creation of a council that would work together with the municipality of Tequila in order to seek the comprehensive development of the municipality.


We are currently working on a project called Tequila 20-40, but we are also a council that seeks, along with the municipality, to comply with all the strategies and actions that mark the development plans for the municipality, which is why, we can find some other current projects, such as the agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank. We are also undergoing a restructuring process at CODIT, we are inviting new participants to join us and working on a web page that talks about what CODIT is, so that many people can join the project.

We are also working on a web page that speaks-about and breaks-down the whole project so that it can be replicated in other municipalities. That is, the municipality of Tequila, in cooperation with the CODIT, will not only to carry out actions that benefit Tequila itself, but we are keeping a record of this actions so that other municipalities, other Magical Towns (Pueblo Mágico), can reproduce them.

Organizations have come to see how the CODIT model works here in Tequila and, it is already being reproduced in Coahuila, México. We have many other projects with the Tequila municipality, we are also developing all the infrastructure and legal framework to develop APPs, which are Public-Private Partnerships. (Asociaciones Público-Privadas: APP)

Who participates in CODIT?

We work together with other businessmen, public officials, representatives of society, who in the end, are those that make up CODIT: Grupo JB, Casa Sauza, Cofradía, La Estación, Los Abolengos, Solar ... We have government representatives (federal, state and municipal) and representatives of society, such as the real estate representative, the hotel representative, the tequila representative and we even have professional historians of Tequila.

Tequila, an industrial and touristic destiny

The municipality of Tequila has always been recognized as an industrial site for the development of the tequila, but recently, with the creation of the tequila route and all policies that have been implemented, Tequila has also been considered as a tourism destination. Even exceeding the expectations that we had for other more touristic sites of Jalisco.

Sauza's Participation in CODIT

For any council or association, it is key to count on members or strategic advisors. For CODIT, being able to count on Casa Sauza, means being able to count on a company that is reliable, that has projection, and that is always looking towards the future. "

This is how our interview with Juan Rotzinger ended. We greatly appreciate the time that he shared with us, as well as the work that he is doing in CODIT in order to promote the growth of this beautiful Magical Town, Tequila.

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