How old is Tequila Sauza?

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Cuantos años tiene Tequila SauzaTequila is one of the most precious treasures of Mexico and its culture. It is a beverage with history, tradition, and much passion. And it is precisely that passion that has led Casa Sauza to celebrate 150 years of existence, reaffirming its place in the world.

History of the beginnings of Casa Sauza

It all began in 1873 with a visionary named Don Cenobio Sauza. He boldly decided to acquire "La Antigua Cruz," one of the oldest distilleries in Tequila, Jalisco. Under his tutelage, this distillery was renamed "La Perseverancia," a name still used today. But his legacy is not limited to a simple acquisition; it was Don Cenobio who, for the first time, gave the name tequila to the wine mix and started the tradition of exporting this emblematic beverage to the United States.
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The road was not easy, but subsequent generations inherited the passion and vision of Don Cenobio. In 1909, Don Eladio Sauza took over. The Mexican Revolution guided the brand through renovations and expansions. Under his leadership, Sauza began the industrialization of the brand.

Evolving Tequila production

But Casa Sauza's history is more comprehensive than tequila production. The company has been a witness and protagonist of innovations, such as the birth of Tequila Hornitos in 1950. Don Francisco Sauza, once again demonstrating the family's innovative spirit, changed the tequila-making process by cooking the agaves in small ovens, which resulted in a superior taste.

The year 1973 was a milestone in Casa Sauza's history with the celebration of its 100th anniversary. Don Francisco Javier Sauza created an exceptional tequila, Tres Generaciones, paying tribute to three generations of wisdom and skill in tequila-making to commemorate this occasion.

Innovation is present in Casa Sauza's DNA. In these 150 years, Casa Sauza has evolved to the purest tequila, offering consumers the most advanced process for tequila production.

Casa Sauza is the brand that has achieved the most significant number of innovations around tequila production that the industry has been adopting. Its process offers the preservation of the agave's pure notes and the industry's most careful processes.

Sauza's influence on the Tequila industry

They brought more challenges, changes, and opportunities in the following years. In 1974, with the support and initiative of Don Francisco, the appellation of origin for tequila was achieved, recognizing its authenticity and quality. Although in 1976, part of the shares were sold to Casa Pedro Domecq, the Sauza legacy lived on, reaching record sales in 1992.

Globalización del Tequila

Today, under the direction of Beam Suntory and Engineer Servando Calderon, Casa Sauza continues to flourish, keeping its tradition and passion intact. Sauza tequilas are made at "La Perseverancia" and exported to more than 120 countries worldwide.

The brand remains in consumers' taste and is conquering the palates of more people globally. The excellence with which the tequila is produced is world-class, winning awards for quality and being one of the most recognized distilleries in the world.

Casa Sauza's future is promising, and it will continue to innovate by improving processes and setting the trends of tequila in the world.

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Please take a look at the history of tequila.

We must mention Quinta Sauza, founded in 1836, when visiting the visitor center run by Victor Martinez, Casa Sauza's Global Ambassador. This place that has witnessed the rich history and tradition of the brand offers tours and tastings. Today, Quinta Sauza gives visitors a unique experience, allowing them to immerse themselves in the tequila culture and enjoy its beautiful gardens and "La Cueva de don Cenobio" restaurant.

Celebrating 150 years of existence, Casa Sauza marks a beverage, a tradition, a culture, and a passion passed down from generation to generation. Herein lies the true spirit of Mexico, distilled in every bottle and shared with the world.

So, when you toast with a Sauza tequila, you are not just tasting a beverage; you are part of a history that began 150 years ago and will continue for many years. Congratulations to Casa Sauza for 150 years of passion and tradition; long live tequila!

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