How Much Alcohol Do You Need For Your Wedding?

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alcohol intake at a wedding

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How Much Alcohol do You Need?

Responsible Intake

My best advice would be to remember that it's always better to make sure that there's no excess of alcohol, to go for responsible intake. The fewer people get drunk at your event, the more it'll be enjoyed by everyone and you'll all avoid awkward moments.

Making the Math

how much alcohol should i offer

Now, it is also necessary to make the math of how much alcohol you should buy so that you have enough, but also so there's not too much leftover. This is one of the big expenses that you will have to make for the wedding.

Long Drinks

I suggest that you offer long drinks (mixed, not straight). The average of long drinks per person in a 5-hour event, is of 5 drinks, that is, about one drink per hour. If your wedding takes place at a very warm place, such as the beach, the average of drinks intake may be higher, around 1.5 drinks per hour.

Most bottles are of 750 ml (around 25 oz) and a drink of a distillate should normally be made with 2 oz. of alcohol for it to taste good, which translates to an average of 13 drinks per bottle. If your distillate bottles are of 950 ml, then that would mean you'd have 16 drinks per bottle.

Table Wine

table wine at a wedding

In the case of table wines, you can serve 7 glasses per bottle.

  • If you are thinking about serving it to accompany meals, I recommend one glass per person.
  • If you will be serving it during the rest of the event, consider 2 glasses per person. This is because not everyone drinks table wine during the whole event and with this number, you can calculate an average so that your have enough (as long as you are also offering long drinks).

Digestif Drinks

If you want to consider serving a digestif, that's also 2 oz. per person, so you need a 750 ml bottle for every 13 guests.

offering beer at my wedding


If you decide to include beers, think of 2 beers per person. Many won't drink beer but those who will, might drink it during the whole event so, in average, that would be the number.





Number 1

  • 200 guests during a 5 hours event at Quinta Sauza, Tequila
  • Average Temperature 30°C (86 °F)
  • 1.5 Drinks per person, per hour
  • Total Average: 7.5 drinks per person
  • You'll serve table wine, tequila and beer


how much alcohol do i need for a wedding

Number 2

  • 120 guests during a 7 hours event at Quinta Sauza, Tequila
  • Average Temperature 30 °C (86 °F)
  • 1.5 Drinks per person, per hour
  • Total average: 10.5 drinks per person
  • You'll serve Whiskey and Tequila
amount of alcohol at a wedding


Keep In Mind Your Guests' Preferences

tequila at a wedding

Personally, based on the experience I have organizing events at Quinta Sauza, most of our national weddings are from people who come from the north of Mexico, and their consumption of beer is higher because that's what they drink the most. On the other hand, if they are foreigners, beer consumption decreases and tequila consumption increases. This is why I recommend that you also consider the preferences of your guests so you know which kind of alcohol they'll drink the most.

I hope you found this information helpful.

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