La cueva de Don Cenobio Restaurant at Quinta Sauza, Tequila

por Jessica Padilla Jessica Padilla | Jan 14, 2022 6:59:31 PM

Where to eat in Tequila, Jalisco? Our Executive Chef, Karla Castro, suggests you come to La Cueva de Don Cenobio restaurant and try its delicious dishes, which are an excellent combination of tradition and innovation.

This restaurant, which is located inside Quinta Sauza, is open to the public.

Chef Karla will tell your more about her cuisine on the following video:



You can also come and visit Casa Sauza's botanical garden, aging cellar and distillery so you learn all about the production process of tequila. We recommend you finish your tour at our Quinta Sauza, enjoying a delicious meal at La Cueva de Don Cenobio Restaurant.

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