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One of the first things you want to choose as soon as you get the ring, is your Godparents. Do you know which Godparents can be invited to a Catholic Wedding and what do each one brings/mean?

Godparents for your Wedding

Watching Over Godparents

These godparents are the most important ones. They are the ones who will always support and watch over your marriage. I must be a couple that's also been married by the Catholic Church, since they must preach with the example of their marriage.

Rings Godparents

Unlike the watching over godparents, you can ask either a married couple or a single Godmother or Godfather to bring the wedding rings. They'll bring them during the ceremony, when the priest indicates that it's the time for it.

Unity Coins Godparents

Like the rings godparents, it can be either a couple, or only a single Godmother or Godfather. These godparents must take the unity coins out of their box -or base on which they are carried- and carefully deliver them to the groom, so that he can deliver them according to the Marriage rite.

Wedding Cord Godparents

It could be a married couple or 2 friends, or 2 members of your family, whoever you want! As long as they are 2 people...

During the ceremony, when the priest indicates it's time for it, your godparents will place the cord around you and your husband and, when he indicates it again, they must remove it. They are very important godparents since the cord represents the union of the couple and, although it's not necessary for them to be a couple themselves, it's most advisable they are since, like the watching over godparents, they can set an example for you both in staying married. You can even consider it an act of good omen for the union in your marriage.

Bible and Rosary Godparents

It can be either a couple or a single person. A Bible and a Rosary should always be present at any Catholic home. In this case, the delivery of these objects varies according to the idea or recommendations of the priest. On some occasions, he blesses them before he and the procession enter the temple while, on some others, he does so during the marriage rite. They are brought to you so that you keep them in some special place at your Home and use them according to the religion.

Virgin Mary's Flower Bouquet Godmother

This godmother is usually the bridesmaid, although it isn't necessarily always the case, it could be someone else. She keeps the bouquet during the ceremony and, at the end of the Mass, brings it to your, the Bride, so that you offer it to the Virgin Mary. It's usually a second bouquet, since it'll stay in the temple.

Cushions Godmother or Godparents

They aren't "a must", you'll decide whether you want to have them or not. It's no longer very common to have them. In case you do want to include them, you should know that they usually don't enter with the procession and their only task is to place the cushions you'll sit on (on your seats) before the mass begins, and remove them at the end of it.

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

They are so sweet that you should always include them as a part of your procession! They will be throwing the flower petals in front of you (which by the way, I recommend to be made of velvet, otherwise, if they come from natural flowers, your guests might slip with them).

It's a trend these days to have them enter with signs such as: "The bride is coming!" "Look how beautiful the bride is!" and thousands of other options that you can think of. Always talk to the priest beforehand about this idea, since not all priests allow it, there are some who are very strict with the sacrament.

These children can also hold you dress tail, although I don't recommend they do; it's always better if they walk ahead ahead of you, since they may accidentally step on your dress tail, or pull your veil, or fall ... it's always best if they walk in front of you!

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