Casa Sauza, 150 years at the service of people

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The history of Casa Sauza began in 1873, when Don Cenobio Sauza founded the distillery called ‘La Perseverancia’ and began to produce the first tequilas. Now, many years later, the production process has been improved and the quality that has always characterized the company has been maintained. This has also allowed Casa Sauza's tequila to be exported outside of Mexico.

In 2023, it will be 150 years since Casa Sauza was born and we will celebrate the anniversary. But what is the secret of Casa Sauza? How have you managed to survive so many years? What are the main aspects to celebrate?

The legacy, the secret of Casa Sauza

Legacy is Casa Sauza's secret to continue growing and offering the best products. The company's DNA, that is, all those who are part of it, have operational excellence that contributes to constant improvement, and this is something that customers in the tequila industry are looking for, an exceptional product, yes, but also a human connection to the company that makes the drink.

At Casa Sauza we always try to meet the expectations of customers and consumers. Even overcome them.


Will there be a special edition to celebrate the 150th anniversary?


Several special editions are expected for the 150th anniversary celebration. Special editions of 3 different generations that have been at the forefront. Likewise, some events will be held by the clients or shareholders. Hence, there is a lot of emphasis on human connection.

It is important to be connected to customers and those who trust the product. It is the best way to know if the product is liked by those who decide to buy it. And this is precisely what has allowed it to be in operation for so many years since Casa Sauza is one of the oldest.


What is the secret of the company to be one of the oldest?

Quality, cultural identity and geographical identity is, for the most part, what has managed to keep Casa Sauza standing after almost 150 years in operation. The different generations that have been at the forefront of the business have had to innovate in the sector in order not to be left behind. In addition, there have been moments of real turmoil in Mexico, so getting to today has not been easy.

The designation of origin, likewise, is of great importance to guarantee durability, and not only in Mexico, but in the rest of the world.


The transition with other countries, has it affected the product?


Due to transactions with other countries, many consumers may think that the product is no longer 100% Mexican. But the truth is that yes. Although the shareholders are not Mexican, since we are part of Beam Suntory, the product has been made in Mexico for 150 years.

At Casa Sauza you will find the best tequila workers, those who have been with the company for years and who have learned from their ancestors. That is why the tequila product is totally original and has an exquisite quality that can hardly be found in other international tequilas.


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