150 Years of Tequila Sauza, Perseverance and Passion for Excellence

por Sauza Team | Nov 10, 2023 10:58:09 AM

Within Casa Sauza, one of the most important factors is its "people," whose perseverance and development have left an indelible mark during these 150 years of history; they have been witnesses and protagonists of the evolution of tequila.

Since its beginnings, Casa Sauza has undergone several transformations. In the 1970s, it became part of the Domecq group. Then, the path of acquisitions continued with the creation of Alaid Domecq with the English group, followed by Beam Global in partnership with the Jim Beam group, and finally becoming an integral part with the acquisition of Beam in 2014, Suntory also became custodian of Casa Sauza, the world-famous tequila brand.

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The evolution of tequila and the personalities that have promoted it

Servando Calderón has been a critical figure in this constant evolution journey. Part of the Sauza family since 1995, Mr. Calderón began his career at Domecq, working in areas as varied as grape sourcing and production. Later, his role as an agronomist in agave production allowed him to dive deeper into the heart of the tequila industry. His trajectory has been upward and decisive, reaching the position of CEO of Casa Sauza. He has been instrumental in the brand's transformations, driving innovation and maintaining operational excellence, bringing Sauza tequila to its purest expression. He has been the point man behind the significant innovations and improvements in the factory's processes, from when the agave is planted until it is ready for consumption.


Under Mr. Calderón's leadership, Casa Sauza's legacy has been continued, maintaining tradition and merging it with innovation in a perfect balance. In his quest for quality, he has implemented the Monozukuri philosophy along with TPM (Total Productive Management), which has led Casa Sauza to become one of the most essential distilleries in Mexico.

Improving production processes is only possible with the development of people. Mr. Calderón has focused on the growth of his employees through education and integral development. Today, Casa Sauza is recognized as one of the best places to work, with the Great Place to Work distinction.

Mr. Calderón's vision focuses on developing the best processes, building an exceptional team, and achieving harmony with the environment and sustainability. Sustainability programs aim to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint, recycle all factory waste, and operate a water treatment plant.

"Cuidamos meticulosamente el perfil sensorial que ha cautivado a nuestros fieles consumidores durante estos 150 años. Nos hemos entregado apasionadamente a preservar la esencia de este tequila desde sus humildes inicios, y hemos innovado todos nuestros procesos para obtener el tequila más puro y auténtico que existe."

Engineer Servando Calderón

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Perseverance through the centuries

If we had to sum up the soul of Casa Sauza in one word, it would be "Perseverance," as expressed by Servando Calderón himself. The brand is a testimony to a passion and pride passed down from generation to generation. This heritage is reflected in its high-quality products and the community that makes up the brand, with employees representing up to five generations of dedication. The value of "La Perseverancia" to the brand is so significant that the distillery where the tequila is produced bears the same name.

Casa Sauza, the most influential tequila producer in its industry

Sauza's importance in the tequila industry is undeniable. For years, it has maintained its position as the leading company in its tequila production, promoting the recognition of the tequila appellation of origin and leading innovations, both in production and marketing. Without a doubt, they are a fundamental pillar in the tequila industry and its monumental legacy, which endures thanks to the passion with which they operate.

Casa Sauza is not simply a brand; and it is a history that carries with it 150 years of passion, perseverance, and adaptability. As it celebrates its 150th anniversary, it reminds us that it is possible for tradition and adaptability to walk hand in hand, delivering magic in every bottle.

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