On what occasions to pair with tequila?

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Maridajes con Tequila

When is it advisable to make a pairing with tequila? Many people wish to experience tequila pairing, but they can’t find the right moment. The truth is that pairings can be enjoyed with everyone and in any kind of occasion. It is true that a pairing is best done with a professional, but even so, enjoying this moment with your loved ones is priceless.


So, what are the best times or occasions to enjoy a tequila pairing?

Tequila pairing with the family


The best moments are always spent with family. So why not share an evening of tequila pairing? It will be a moment you will all remember. Plus, by following the right instructions, you'll be able to make a perfect tasting.


The family can also be joined by lifelong friends, those who are like brothers and sisters to us and who will also enjoy, along with the rest, those moments of pairing with tequila.


Tequila pairing in the business world


As a general rule, business deals start in offices and end up being celebrated with a drink or a meal. This is precisely why planning tequila pairing to close a business deal is a very good idea. A good meal and good tequila, what more could you ask for?


Moreover, many recommend organizing a whole event with cocktails, good food and, of course, a perfect affinity pairing. Keep in mind that not everyone likes the taste of tequila, especially in the case of aged tequilas with a lot of flavor, hence the recommendation to add cocktails to the evening's celebration.


Having a date with tequila pairing?


What about having a first date with a tequila pairing? It may seem a complex situation, but the truth is that it will be a lot of fun and you will surely remember it forever. Who would think of going to tequila pairing on a first date? Of course, since it is a very special occasion, it is recommended that you go to a place with professionals in the sector. This way you will enjoy it together much more.


How to arrange a tequila pairing?


How to start tequila pairing with a group of people? It is recommended to start with a round of cocktails to warm things up, either with family, friends or to close a business deal. After talking and tasting a cocktail, we would proceed to start with the pairing. First, start with a sip of tequila to familiarize the palate. Then, continue with a small bite of food to begin to notice the intense flavors. Finally, take another sip of tequila, keeping it at least 10 seconds in the mouth, to achieve the perfect pairing that comes from the combination of tequila and food.


To complement the pairing, you can create a fun game for family and friends. This way you will make it a very special evening that you can all enjoy together, friends and family.

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What are you waiting for to host a tequila pairing event? Any occasion is a good time to enjoy with your loved ones or to celebrate the closing of a new business with extra class food and drinks.

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