Abraham Padilla

Más de25 años en Casa Sauza. Líder de ensamble en tequila. Proyectos en los que colabora: De filtración, de reducción de mermas y valoración de nuevos estándares para catados.

Dilution and Filtration Processes of Tequila at Casa Sauza

Tequila's Dilution Process The dilution of a tequila is when a high grade tequila, which can be of a 55% Alc.Vol. (Alcohol Volume), is added a good-quality demineralized water in order to adjust its levels of alcohol concentration. This level follows the official Mexican standard NOM-006-SCFI-2012 for alcoholic beverages, and can go from a minimum of a 35% Alc. Vol. to a maximum of a 55% Alc. Vol.

Risks of Handling Tequila

Industrial Safety at Casa Sauza's Working Areas

Casa Sauza is committed to the safety of its staff with "always focused" work teams: On a...